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What is Solubag?

We’re reinventing the plastic bag

With the excessive amount of plastic contaminating our earth, we had to find a way to replace the plastic we use every day. That is why we created the Solubag, which has the same capabilities as any bag, but won't pollute our planet. 

Solubag water soluble fabric bags filled with produce are placed on stone benches with the ocean and a boat in the background

Key Features

The Solubag is a great substitute for the plastic bag because of its qualities

  • firmness

  • elasticity

  • flexibility

  • resistance

  • reusability

Solubag's t-shirt bag, which resembles a plastic bag, but is plastic-free
Video of Solubag fabric bag dissolving in a pitcher filled with boiling water in seconds.

Easy to dispose

Forget about single use plastic, and the harm done by it. After shopping, if you would like to instantly disintegrate the bags, set them in their appropriate dissolving temperatures. Most items dissolve instantly at 185º+. If a bag flies away, don't worry, it will eventually dissolve, and although not the tastiest snack, it can be eaten by animals without harming them.

Patented Technology

Solubag is based on patented technology. It contains polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which is usually made from crude oil but Solubag found another way. It uses natural substances. This results in an environmentally friendly water-soluble substance.

Thanks to this revolutionary composition, the nontoxic Solubag quickly dissolves. Simply place the nontoxic bags and carrier bags into the water and stir. They dissolve within minutes. 

A pineapple wearing a face mask that can dissolve in water

WHY Solubag?

A new plastic-like substance with similar versatile characteristics

Solubag's products range from thick to thin and from cold water soluble to hot water soluble. With many adjustment options available, it is very practical that the Solubag can be crafted to serve a certain purpose. 

Make the switch now!

Interested in using our products in your store? Contact us now!

Contact Us

317 NW 10 Th Terrace, Hallandale , Fl 33009

A sea turtle swimming in the ocean with a soluble bag in its mouth


Discover the Innovative Water-Soluble Solubag®

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